Pigeon dance

There was a little trampoline lying inside a barrack
of soldiers.
And inside the barrack
were a couple of kids jumping around it.

There was a pigeon which they had killed
and it was being killed with a bludgeon


We don’t know it yet
Because the scope of this little prose
is not very large

(I do not intend
to comment on matters of international
and national importance in fact
I do not want to comment on anything at all)

We don’t know it yet why
it had to happen this way.

It’s just
There was a pigeon moving its wings to and fro
Its eyes were filled with dews of eye sweat
(I am thinking I am a Shakespeare while writing ‘dews of eye sweat’ btw
-laugh out loud-)

And in the barrack
Children were dancing around it
A total of three kids one girl two boys
And three of them pigs.


Note: It is difficult to discover a meaning of poems like these which I usually write when I travel (‘discover’ is a key word). One can say that they are little snippets of my mind’s thoughts at that point. I am not sure but one can almost say that ‘loss of innocence’ might be the key theme. We have ‘barracks’, children, trampoline and a dead pigeon. Though of course, it’s just making things simpler.